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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 09:30

Minister for Environment and Conservation Paul Caica today opened a world-first organics recycling plant at Buckland Park which aims to improve the quality of compost generated from Adelaide's green waste.

Mr Caica says the South Australian-designed and built Jeffries Group's Recycled Organics Screening System (ROSS) will help maintain our State's nation leading role in reducing landfill.

The organics screening system in Adelaide's north is part of a $3 million plant upgrade by Jeffries Group that has been supported by $300,000 in funding from Zero Waste SA.

Jeffries Group recycles more than 100,000 tonnes of organic material each year. Its state-of- the-art Buckland Park composting facility opened five years ago.

"When you consider that a decade ago most compostable material from council collections went straight to landfill, South Australia has come a long way," Mr Caica says.

"Receiving almost three-quarters of greater Adelaide's garden organics, there is a good chance that what people in Adelaide put in their kerbside greed garden bin will come to Jeffries."

"Despite South Australians overwhelmingly embracing kerbside recycling, many foreign materials that have no place in our compost, soil and mulch products still inadvertently end up in the organic waste bins, providing a significant challenge to recyclers.

"This world-first screening system aims to improve the removal of visual contaminants such as plastic bags that often find their way into the organic recycling stream before it is turned into compost, soil and mulch."

Jeffries Group Managing Director Lachlan Jeffries said ROSS will improve the quality of compost, soil and mulch products while streamlining the sorting and processing of organic material.

"As far as we know, there is nothing like ROSS anywhere in the world,” Mr Jeffries says.

"This innovative ROSS process can remove up to one tonne of metal a day from organic material.”

The 3-storey plant has three custom-made mechanical screens, two sorting rooms where up to eight people are able to manually remove unwanted material.

Two magnets are used to remove steel and two fan systems extract light plastics and a conveyor screens out rocks, plastic bottle caps and even the occasional golf ball.

At full operating capacity it can process 2000 cubic metres of material per shift - the equivalent of 2600 standard car trailer-loads.

After an extensive global search, Jeffries chose to design and build the plant in Adelaide with the assistance of local engineering firm Quarry and Mining Manufacture.

Jeffries has committed $3 million to new technology and processes, including large-scale forced aeration composting.

This system, also developed by Jeffries, involves placing organic material on top of concrete channels with pipes that deliver fresh air to the material via an automated network of fans.

Probes measure oxygen levels and ensure the correct temperature is maintained throughout the composting cycle.

"The composting process previously used mechanical turning, so the new system will significantly reduce our carbon footprint," Mr Jeffries said.

Recyclable material is taken to Jeffries' Wingfield transfer site, where primary processing takes place and then sent to Buckland Park.

Jeffries also processes food organics from council collections and from restaurants, hotels, food processors and manufacturers, schools and office buildings.


Media Contacts:

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About Jeffries

Jeffries is a fourth-generation, wholly South Australian-owned company. The Jeffries Group is focused on receiving, processing and marketing organic resources. It has a strong reputation for producing a variety of high quality landscape and horticultural products from recycled organic materials. By recycling organics it helps divert precious resources from landfill and provides an important source of valuable carbon for our soils. A true "green sector” company, internationally Jeffries is recognised as a leading and innovative organic recycler.


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