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Jeffries is a fourth generation, wholly South Australian owned company. Jeffries is focused on receiving, processing and marketing recyclable organic resources for maximum sustainable return.

Jeffries has a strong reputation for producing a variety of popular landscape and horticultural products from recycled organic materials. By recycling organics they help divert precious resources from landfill and provide an important source of valuable carbon for our soils. A true 'green sector' company, internationally Jeffries are recognised as leading and innovative organic recyclers./p>

Jeffries' Wingfield site is the head office for 30 staff, retail and distribution point for a range of bulk landscape supplies and the initial receiving point for the recyclable organic material. Organic material is received by Jeffries in the form of kerbside green organics from local councils, clean green (inc branches) and clean timber (inc pallets), and wet organics such as grease trap and street sweepings. The primary processing stage is also completed at Wingfield, including visual contaminant removal, size reduction through an industrial grinder, and blending. Processed material is then transferred from Wingfield to Jeffries' world-class environmental organics recycling facilities at Buckland Park.

Jeffries employs more than 50 people, and recycles 100,000 tonnes of green organics a year.

Learn more about Jeffries at www.jeffries.com.au.


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The Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre is a
world-class resource recovery and waste recycling operation that contains a collaborative cluster of commercial businesses on a common 94ha site.