History - Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre

Located approximately 9 kilometres north of the Adelaide CBD, Adelaide City Council's Wingfield Waste Management Centre has received waste for disposal since the 1950s under lease from the Commonwealth. Adelaide City Council purchased the site in 1986 and since this time the 94 hectare site has serviced the waste disposal requirements for much of metropolitan Adelaide, at its peak receiving approximately 700,000 tonnes of material per annum, equating to 70 per cent of metropolitan Adelaide's waste.

In 1999, the Wingfield Waste Depot Closure Act was enacted, requiring the cessation of landfilling activities by the end of 2004. In response to the approaching closure of the landfill operation, the concepts for the Gillman Eco-Industrial Precinct and Wingfield Eco-Resource Management (WERM) Centre were developed. The drivers for the development of the Gillman Eco-Industrial Precinct included:

  • the desire to increase resource recovery and recycling for all waste streams;
  • the need to consider future waste management requirements for ACC and the other metropolitan councils;
  • the likely future demand for quality industrial land in the northern metropolitan; and
  • the desire to maximise the potential of Adelaide City Council's and the State's extensive land holdings in the Gillman area.

The Eco-Industrial Precinct and WERM (Wingfield Eco-Resource Management) Centre concepts were developed in close consultation with the State Government, as joint land owners, with a view to establishing a world leading eco-industrial precinct, achieving Zero Waste objectives and assisting to meet the future demand for industrial land in the north.

To facilitate the development of such a precinct, a Plan Amendment Report to rezone a 90-hectare area including the WERM Centre site was approved in 2003. The area previously zoned Multi-Function Polis (MFP) has been rezoned to Industry (Resource Recovery) and Coastal Management Zone providing guidance to future waste management and recycling activities and industrial development with regard to the adjacent marine and estuarine environments.

The new Wingfield Eco-Resource Management Centre will form the 'hub' of the larger proposed Eco-Industrial Precinct. The WERM Centre aims to provide a 'one stop shop' for waste receipt, processing and recycling by accommodating complementary resource recovery activities. One of the key goals of the WERM Centre is to provide the widest possible variety of waste management and resource recovery activities and solutions in one location. This is in the overall context of recovered materials being efficiently used by processing and manufacturing industries, in line with the principles of the Eco-Industrial Precinct.

In order to achieve these WERM Centre objectives, Adelaide City Council sought suitable recycling partners by way of a public Registration of Interest process in 2002/2003. As a result, WastecareSA, Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) and AMCOR have entered into a partnership with Adelaide City Council to establish an integrated and sustainable resource recovery facility. Other businesses now operating at the Wingfield Recycling Centre also include TPI (TransPacific Industries) and Jeffries.



The Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre is a
world-class resource recovery and waste recycling operation that contains a collaborative cluster of commercial businesses on a common 94ha site.