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Adelaide Resource Recovery (ARR) employs about 30 people within its Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste recovery facility at the Wingfield Recycling Precinct. Each day, hundreds of trucks arrive at ARR's Wingfield operation carrying thousands of tonnes of waste materials gathered from construction and demolition projects throughout metropolitan Adelaide.

Materials in the C&D waste stream include concrete, bitumen, timber, bricks, glass, metals, plastics, insulation materials, plasterboards, floor boards and even kitchen and bathroom fittings.

Arriving trucks deposit their loads at a large undercover receivable area, covering 7,000 square metres. Waste material that is either large or easily recyclable, such as roofing iron, is removed immediately.

The remainder is pushed on to the sorting line - a recycling process line that uses a combination of machines and manual procedures to divert various materials into specific waste streams. Each stage strips a certain fraction from the waste stream.

Magnets remove ferrous materials while other machines remove plastics from the waste stream.

A conveyer belt carries the remaining materials on to be sorted by hand at a picking station, where an ARR worker is responsible for a specific element in the waste stream.

Paper and cardboard waste is diverted down a shute for delivery to Orora (paper and cardboard recyclers). Green waste and clean timber is sent to Jeffries for mulching. Film plastic and hard plastics are bundled into bales by a baling machine ready for export.

Eventually, the only remaining recyclable materials are concrete, brick and stone, which are used as feedstock for ARR's range of "Recycled Rubble” products, and crushed by a 68-tonne Nordberg Impact Crusher.

Recycled Rubble is used for foundations in building, roadworks and major infrastructure projects. It provides a high quality "green" alternative to virgin rock quarried from the Adelaide Hills.

At the end of the ARR sorting line, all that remains is non-recyclable matter, which is delivered to TPI for landfill. Typically, this comprises only 10 per cent of the initial receivables, which means that ARR succeeds in recycling as much as 90 per cent of the material that it receives.


Learn more about ARR at www.arr.net.au


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