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ARR runs a soil cleanfill remediation process at the Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre. The facility receives as much as 400,000 tonnes of cleanfill a year. Currently, cleanfill is sorted and stockpiled at the precinct for use on a site remediation project that is expected to run until 2016.

Soils arrive at the cleanfill facility either directly by truck or diverted from the waste streams received by other companies operating at the Wingfield Recycling Centre. The received cleanfill is sorted into three grades:

  1. Clay soils
  2. Sandy soils; and
  3. Soils containing rubble.

Each class of cleanfill soil is stockpiled, allowing its specific properties to be exploited for various uses on the Wingfield site. As well as road maintenance, cleanfill is used for capping the site.


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The Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre is a
world-class resource recovery and waste recycling operation that contains a collaborative cluster of commercial businesses on a common 94ha site.