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Orora is responsible for managing the cardboard, paper and plastic waste streams at the Wingfield Recycling Precinct. Hundreds of tonnes of cardboard, paper, plastic and mixed dry waste materials are delivered daily to Orora's Wingfield depot, which is open from 6am to 5pm. Most deliveries to Orora come from commercial and industrial sources, through its own contract collectors, waste companies or businesses that want to drop off material.

Arriving trucks deliver two types of materials. Pure streams and mixed dry waste. Pure streams of cardboard, white paper and plastics are baled and then shipped to processing plants in Australia and, in some cases, overseas.

After mixed dry recyclables are deposited at the depot, they are sorted and then added to the pure stream chain. While pure streams comprise more than 90 per cent of the waste volume delivered to the Wingfield site, the percentage of mixed dry recyclables has grown rapidly since it was introduced in 2007.


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The Wingfield Waste & Recycling Centre is a
world-class resource recovery and waste recycling operation that contains a collaborative cluster of commercial businesses on a common 94ha site.